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Ok,I have opened up a new thread in the Promethean Command forums for a conference. This is going to be a bit of a trial of the idea to see how it works out.

Nothing has started just yet, instead I want to give people a chance to indicate they are entering. What I will do is kick off the meeting properly tomorrow at about 8pm (UTC time) with the opening briefing/statements. I know some people might want to still join so to not break with immersion, we can simply state something like ‘the final officers come in and settle in to their seats’. That way we can have people be one of those ‘final officers’ without them having to RP being late to a meeting or something (p.s. anyone who tries that will have their post deleted!) We can just assume they were already there from the beginning.

When we are talking in there, it would be good if people didn’t try throwing something in (e.g. making a statement about some intel/undefined canon idea etc) without first giving me a heads up and having it OK’ed. That way,we are not going to end up having to dig ourselves out of a hole or come up with some way to work around/with any impact it may have on what is happening. These first few conferences we’ll have to RP carefully until we find our feet and continue to learn and develop our canon (and the encyclopedia).