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What a great response!

I was thinking of guiding it closely for the first few, using the ideas I had planned out in my mind. For example, I have been considering how the next shift will play out and what we need to be doing. However, I want a way to communicate that to others and get you more involved, asking questions about the actions we will under take, or making suggestion on what to do. At the moment, I am leading the storyline (with help from the GMs of course!) but when some one else is leading it e.g. Fish, I could get the information from him and feed it into the conference, having a proper discussion on what we should do (back in thr Euphini Exploration, there were lots of decision to make that I wanted to discuss, but didnt have the opportunity).

I think, initially,they are going to be very focused. The first I was basically going to brief everyone on the current situation and what our course of action will be. Of course, it gives a chance to question and discuss what we are doing instead of just turning up to a shift and being told ‘our mission tonight is this…’. As a result, I’m not going to be drawing up an agenda. It will be sharing of information and orders. In a way,the opening remarks will be the agenda and then responses can be linked to that.

An end must be clear. I think trying to complete a meeting by Friday evening at the latest should be the aim. I am fairly happy for it to go on through the week. This should let people from different timezones get involved enough and have more two way conversations. Finding a balance on how much to write is simply going to have to be through experimentation. Also how it impacts conversation in the bar will be interesting and we’ll have to feel our way along with that.

The GM team talk on private forums here to share ideas, sometimes via teamspeak through the week, and in a GM briefing about an hour before the shift begins. They are therefore pretty well informed and ready for the shift ahead (in otherwords, don’t worry too much about the GMs,they are fairly well organised).