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Adele Mundy

I have to point out, though the Bar thread may go on for most of the week, that doesn’t mean the officers are sitting in the bar drinking for a week! Even the longest threads, if you imagined the conversation going on sequentially in real time, wouldn’t take up more than an hour or two. It’s just a way to represent some off-duty time, between admin duties, maintenance, training, and rest and duty shifts that might be taking place on the station.

The whole time thing is being kept fairly nebulous, and I think that’s fine, otherwise we start having to keep a precise calendar. I have been imagining the duty shifts being fairly long, perhaps several weeks at a time, otherwise why do we need shipboard accommodation? We just time-compress them, and cut out all the boring bits when we’re travelling uneventfully. So, the hours we spend playing represent days or weeks, and the week in between is just a few hours, at least in my head. Am I wildly off?