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Adele Mundy

After four long, long hours of gently suggesting to cadets that they should listen to Science’s info, and they should tell Engineering what maneuvres they are about to engage in, and telling Engineering to give power to the systems that are being used and no, when half the nodes in the ship go red you don’t leave the DamCon teams to potter around fixing hallways, and telling Weapons that it really makes more sense to fire the EMP before the nuke, and telling Helm that those are mines, dammit, and you’ve killed everyone for the third time in ten minutes, and pointing out to the Captain that Comms can talk to the other ships in the fleet so you can tell Freya you’re about to fire a nuke so you don’t kill her again and pointing out the exact same thing to Comms, and explaining how you request docking, and how you demand surrenders, and if Science tells you the enemy captain has no living family what in the Black are you doing insulting his mother… finally, Matsiyan and I had the chance to play, in a crew where, by some miracle, everyone had played a few times before. Matsiyan ran Engineering, I had Comms. We were the only ship that hour that never died. We approached enemy fleets, started to damage them, and they surrendered in droves, much to everyone’s astonishment. We zoomed from one side of the sector to the other and never ran out of energy. I think the crew were stunned.

I’m boasting, I suppose, but it’s in large part thanks to you all. A bottle of virtual champagne with you! Cheers!