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On the structure side of things see below – sorry for bad editing (i’m at work)
See below – it is editable.

Started off a basic structure – showing the Station Commander and four sections.

Navy is the 4LD
Marines is self explanatory
Operations is the stations personal. Command staff, defense officer, engineers etc..
Facilities are people like Guy, (cleaners, waiters…etc)

Please feel free to change the structure, I just made this one up to start the document.

In my opinion we as ship personnel do not have any authority, the command staff of the station would be alerted and they would be in command.
We would just be put on alert ready to move the out ships.

As for getting to our ships – In my opinion we should have a QRF (Quick Responce Force)
Ships docked at Promethean kept at a state of readiness, that can be ready to launch in 15 mins (like the V Bombers were during the cold war). Lets say it’s Lancer and Ravan that is QRF one week, those crews would be informed and have to be ready to go at a moments notice, so no alcohol for them that week. (RP opportunity at the bar posts).

The rest of the fleet would be in the ship yards, powered down. And powered up when required. And that crew will shuttled across when needed or in prep for a duty shift.