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I remember having squeezy bottle water pistols strapped to my bike and playing International Rescue stories with friends. But the first tabletop rpg was original D&D the summer before college. After a couple of sessions of D&D late into the night after fencing club, I bought a copy and ran, Conan/Tolkien type dungeons. I bought Empire of the Petal Throne and loved it but hardly ever played it. There was also a fantasy historical wargame campaign with lots of write-in material. I was very lucky with my Macedonians. After that it was Runequest and Traveller (Roxy the psychic ex-marine later reappeared in CoH). For both of those, bits of backstory were written. And then we played Bushido for eight years. Some of those games involved written intros and scenes. Then there was an epic Dragonquest campaign, with character sheets made bearable by spreadsheets and harking back to currency in pounds, shillings and pence. GURPS was then a great favourite in a Middle-Earth campaign and then an 1830’s campaign that had us writing character logs quite often. Amber diceless was the game that really involved a lot of fiction writing. It is a game we mostly play at conventions with a lot of character generation and prep via email beforehand. Then we discovered weekend-long costumed “freeform” games (like a LARP but indoors and without the rubber swords). Connections there actually reunited us with an old friend from Runequest who got us back into EPT and contacts that got the Amber gaming going. Then we started playing Taiko. City of Heroes was undoubtedly the best online game we ever played, with great characters, storytelling and community spirit. Using Amber rules I’ve run/played in a number of Japanese themed and Firefly themed games. And last year I discovered Artemis RP and now have 122 pages of personal logs 🙂

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