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For all the news and updates from across the 2nd Fleet

  19/02/19   Issue 1


- Welcome Home 4th Light

- Award Announcements

- Command System Updates

Regular Columns

- Latest From the Comm Net


- Assignment Opportunities


Welcome to the new 2nd Fleet OFF-DUTY! We aim to keep you updated with all the latest from across the 2nd Fleet. You'll find recent news from across the 2nd Fleet's Operational area, and our regular column with the latest from the comm net, a spotlight on interesting information and a note on new assignment opportunities across your Division.

Latest from the Comm Net

Rodger Wilcon>Rodger Wilcon> Mirror Universe Selves

To: Ensign Rodger Wilcon From: Junior Researcher Rodger Wilcon Topic: Mirror-Universe Selves Dear Ensign Rodger Wilcon, First thing, holy carp this is absolutely amazing. Parallel, mirror, branching and other different types of universes have been theorized for literal centuries, and before we had no way of knowing if they actually existed, but this is revolutionary,… Read More »

Log Xansta, 9219-2237

Personal Log Lieutenant Junior Xansta Weapons TSN Sabre Fourth Light Division, Second Space Fleet, Terran Stellar Navy Stardate: 9219-2237 Eyukua After suffering from a mild bout of what seemed like Hjordan fever, I was able to return to duty. We’re told that the deployed and captured sensors should help us triangulate our precise location to… Read More »

Log Mundy, 2219-2237

Personal Log, Lt.Cmdr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Space Fleet, 4th Lt.Div. Stardate: 2219-2237 Act.Ens. Stefan Yamamoto died in MedBay. Dammit. The injuries he sustained during the firefight as the Marines were trying to extract him and the other DamCons from Ulikai base D-76 were too severe. The Fleet Captain promoted him posthumously to full… Read More »

The Bar, 2219-2237

Matthew walks into the bar for the last time and takes a good long look around. Foreign as the ex-Skaraan station is, he appreciates both its aesthetics and the exotic drinks available. He moves over to the bar and orders one of the really odd-tasting but quite delicious drinks.

System Names

I am looking for inspiration for system names. If you have ideas, now is your chance to name one. Post below! The best will be selected and added to the next system map. Check out the system map for ideas. You could also take a look at information on the site about canon and alien… Read More »


Welcome Home 4th Light Division

A HUGE welcome home for the TSN 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division. After their disappearence during the Patrach-Kal Expedition beyond Hjorden, it is with great relief that we see the officers and personnel of the Division return to USFP space. 

Admiral McCulloch attended a special welcome home celebration at the Division's HQ in Promethean, and awarded the brave officers and crews the Patrach-Kal Expedition medal in recognition of their services.

The expedition departed on Stardate 15918-2237 and aimed to explore a newly discovered jump point in the Hjorden system. Unfortunatly, soon after establishing a base, a gravitational storm disrupted the link and, though many of the expedition assets were successfully evacuated, the jump point closed before the final teams were able to return. Strandard alone in the newly named Arcturus System, the 4th Light Division has no other option but to find a different route home. In the meantime, a rescue effort, headed up by Admiral McCulloch was launched, with the aid of the N'Tani. Because of the close relationship of the 4th Light Division and the N'Tani during the Euphini Resettlement, the N'ani were willing to guide a search team into new territory in search of the 4th Light Division.

During their ordeal the 4th Light faced a new and deadly foe - the Rumarians. According to the records collected, the Rumarians are a nomadic hunter race, preying on other space-faring races and hunting them for sport. The division also encountered the Ulikai, a race that the division say were able to escape persecution by the Kralien Order and were highly xenophobic as a result. Finally, the Division uncovered the Silmara, and the truth about the N'Tani race.

 On Stardate 9219-2237, contact was finally made with the remains of the 4th Light's expedition. Though battered and exhausted, the brave crews of the 4th Light had returned home. It is with great sadness though, that we must recognise the loss of some of those brave crew. A memorial service will be held on Promethean command to honour the courage and sacrifice of those officers and crew that didn't make it back.

- For Duty, For Honour

Awards Announcements

This cycle, there have been several award announcements. Congratulations to the following officers for their achievements!

Name Award Details
Officers and Crew of 4th Light Division
Patrach-Kal Expedition Medal
Lt. Sr. Sam Vimes Advanced Practical Proficeincy Ribbon
Ens. Davis Weapon Specialisation Exam
Cmdr. Matsiyan Helm Specialisation Exam
Lt. Jr. Wilcon Promotion to Lt. Jr
Lt. Reynolds

Promotion to Lt.

Duty Officer Ribbon

Cpt. Jemel 5 year Service Ribbon
Lt. Jr. Xansta Promotion to Senior CIC Operator

**Command System Updates**

Systems were recently updated to version 2.009. New improvements include upgraded HUD elements for shuttle craft, making waypoint markers more visible. Additional improvements were made to remove redundent code within the command systems, and add new data about the Ximni military forces. 

Find the most recent version here: TSN Command Uplink



Points of Interest

In this section, you'll find information about documents and information from across the division, new and old. We'll be taking a look at the main TSN network, as well as other publications from across the USFP.

Ships of the Kralien Order

Recently, ONI released updated tactical information about ships of the Kralien Order. Check out the extensive research compiled on the Kralien Order ships here: Ships of the Kralien Order

The Hjorden

With the recent return of the 4th Light from their join expedition with the Hjorden, we are shining a spotlight on th Hjorden species. Have a look at the Hjorden species information here: Hjorden

Assignment Opportunities

For those interested in transferring ships, you'll find a list tailored to your rank and division about all the latest transfer opportunities available.

Assignment Details

TSN Sabre

Flt Cpt. Xavier Wise

The TSN Sabre is currently in need of a regular EngineeringOfficer. 

TSN Viper

Cmdr Matsiyan

The TSN Viper is currently in need of a regular Engineering Officer.

TSN Lancer

Cpt. Jemel

The TSN Lancer is currently in need of a regular Engineering Officer.