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For all the news and updates from across the 2nd Fleet

  11/03/19   Issue 2


- Outbreak at Quesenc

- Rise in Pirate Activities

- Shuttle Interface and Cargo Systems Update

- Sensor System Improvements

- Award Announcements

Regular Columns

- Latest From the Comm Net


- Assignment Opportunities


Welcome to the issue 2 of 2nd Fleet OFF-DUTY! We aim to keep you updated with all the latest from across the 2nd Fleet. You'll find recent news from across the 2nd Fleet's Operational area, and our regular column with the latest from the comm net, a spotlight on interesting information and a note on new assignment opportunities across your Division.

Latest from the Comm Net

The Bar, 9319-2237

Vaj enters the bar, absentmindedly orders a drink, and continues working through the latest intel from the ONI analysts. Nearby patrons hear a few mutters about “blasted pirates” and the like.

Log Matsiyan, 2319-2237

Personal Log, Commander Conrad Matsiyan, ONI, FNS, BUPERS, CO TSN Viper, 4th L.D. Stardate: 2319-2237 “Light duty” the MedBay Pontificator-in-Chief called it: anything except commanding a combat vessel. Great. Belonging to the Office of Naval Intelligence has its interests and its privileges. But everytime something interesting happens, you get grilled like a cheese sandwich. This… Read More »

Ext.>SRA>Flight Plan/IFF Designation Request

Spaceflight Regulative Administration Dedicated IFF Squawk Code Request: IFF Frequency: 2060;2180MHz IFF Code: 7421.3564 IFF Identity: Automated Research Vessel / A101 Ship Type: TSN Long Range Shuttle Ship Designation: Automated Research Vessel A1-01 Ship Clearances: TSN Contracted Research, Level 1 Lt. Jr. Rodger Wilcon, TSN 2nd Space Fleet 4th Light Division; Personnel Code [Redacted]

The Bar, 3319-2237

Mundy strides to the bar in the Bar. Guy, Hjocoa, laced with two shots of brandy if you please. She sighs, and sits at a bar stool. If I have to tell one more alien delegation, “Welcome to Promethean Station; I am Lt.Cmdr. Mundy of the 4th Light Division, and I am assigned to be… Read More »


Outbreak at Quesenc

The USFP have recently been taking more extreme measures to tackle a growing infectious outbreak in the Cerberus System. Initially, it was thought to be a simple case of Ur-fever - a relatively low risk virus that could be treated with standard medical vaccinations and hygiene measures. However, despite the best efforts of medical teams, the virus is turning into something much more severe. All attempts to accurately identify the virus and implement an effective treatments have so far met with little result. Now that the spread has become more severe, the USFP has declared full quarantine procedures on the infected stations, as well as exclusion zones and screening posts for traffic transiting into or near the Cerberus System.

These measures are unprecedented and indicate that the highly infectious virus is causing a serious health risk to those within the Cerberus System. Despite their best efforts, local defense forces have been strained and, as a result, the 4th Light Division have been deployed to provide additional security. 

One of the greatest fears is that the infection may spread beyond the Cerberus System. With the rate of infection and the distances involved, a mass outbreak would be almost impossible to control. Already, there have been encounters with pirate transports trying to smuggle people out of the system. One such encounter tragically resulted in the destruction of a ship carrying around 30 civilians trying to leave Quesenc station. It is likely that, with panic beginning to spread and people trying to leave the quarantine zone for fear of becoming infected, more pirate mercenaries will be drawn to the prospect of making a fast buck smuggling people out from the area. 

If the situation continues to worsen, the USFP may be forced to declare a state of emergency. As yet, there have been few civilian deaths from the virus, but without a treatment, the number is sure to rise. For now, medical teams on the ground are working non-stop to try and find a cure and stem the tide of infection. 

Let us all hope that the virus can be contained....

Rise in Pirate Activities

Pirate activity has been on the rise across the 2nd Fleet's operational area, not just because of the growing concerns in the Cerberus System. There is an ongoing investigation into one faction after the disappearance of the scientist Dr Francine Gotswilde. Currently, the circumstances of Gotswildes disappearance is unknown, whether she was kidnapped or deliberately fled the USFP.

Since the incident, the 4th Light Division has been working alongside Mr Kelly, security head of Garnal Research. It would seem that pirates had been targeting shipments of key manufacturing components and radioactive materials. Precisely what they intend to use the components and materials for has not yet been determined, however several joint operations with the Garnal Research security have identified and isolated research scientists that have been sharing information of transport routes and cargo inventories with mercenary groups. 

Additional measures have been put in place to increase security and track shipments using radio identifiers. Recent efforts to recover one such stolen shipment of radioactive material were successful, and the cargo was recovered after it had been taken beyond USFP borders into the Cronus System. A second shipment however has been lost, along with a Garnal researcher, thought to be involved in the incident.

Until further details are obtained, the final destination of the stolen shipments remains a mystery. With the recent recovery by the 4th Light Division, some have started to speculate Kralien involvement due to the flight path into Cronus System. At this time though, the USFP is keeping a tight control of information to avoid sparking any political backlash or conflict with the Kralien Order. Should the situation escalate and the involvement of the Hegemony is proved to be true, maintaining the fragile peace that currently exists between the USFP and Hegemony could become impossible. The results could be catastrophic for the region.

**Shuttle Interface and Cargo Systems**

Shuttle cargo systems have been improved to allow more advanced Communications relay and Sensor buoy equipment to be carried and deployed. Communications Officers and Shuttle Pilots should familiarise themselves with new loading and deployment procedures for shuttles. 

**Sensor System Improvements**

Over the next few cycles, techs will be working on improvements to ship sensor systems. These include additions to the Science screen interface, adding new indicators on the map that can be scanned for additional data about a specific region of space. Indicators will be designated with a number in brackets and can be scanned by a Science Officer to obtain data about the area. Such information might include: emission trails, nebula cloud composition, spacial distortions, or other significant readings and indicators. 

Science Officers should look out for these indicators and report their presence and any data obtained during operations. Below, an image has been included for reference.

Awards Announcements

This cycle, there have been several award announcements. Congratulations to the following officers for their achievements!

Name Award Details
Cmdr Aramond
4 year Service Ribbon
Ens. Davis

Practical Proficiency Ribbon Communications

Lt. Jr Xansta Purple Heart
Ens. Wilcon Purple Heart
Ens. Avirson Purple Heart
Lt. Sr. Graybeard Purple Heart
Lt. Cmdr Mundy Purple Heart
Ens. Agoom

Practical Proficiency Ribbon Shuttle Pilot




Points of Interest

In this section, you'll find information about documents and information from across the division, new and old. We'll be taking a look at the main TSN network, as well as other publications from across the USFP.

Life as a Citizen of the USFP

Recent operations working closely with the population of the USFP have increased contact for TSN officers with the local populations to much higher rates. Here is some recommended reading about general life on the frontier of human space as a citizen of the USFP: Life as a Citizen of the USFP

Assignment Opportunities

For those interested in transferring ships, you'll find a list tailored to your rank and division about all the latest transfer opportunities available.

Assignment Details

TSN Sabre

Flt Cpt. Xavier Wise

The TSN Sabre is currently in need of a regular EngineeringOfficer. 

TSN Viper

Cmdr Matsiyan

The TSN Viper is currently in need of a regular Engineering Officer.

TSN Lancer

Cpt. Jemel

The TSN Lancer is currently in need of a regular Engineering Officer.